Contingency plan of the AFA as regards COVID-19 emergency

COVID-19 declared pandemic by the World Organisation of the Health (WHO) last 11 March 2020


Following the declaration on March 11th by the World Health Organization (WHO) of a pandemic for coronavirus outbreak COVID-19 and in accordance with recommendations of the Government of Andorra, we inform you that within the AFA’s contingency plan, we have settled to limit face-to-face meetings and to use telematic means where possible.

In order to minimize the impact of this measures on the services provided by the AFA, please note that in the case of having meetings confirmed by this Authority, should they be considered as strictly necessary, a virtual meeting will be scheduled, otherwise they will be postponed and scheduled for later. In the event of a change of date being proposed, the new date will have to be reconfirmed a couple of days in advance based on the development of events and the Government's recommendations.

With regards to delivery of documentation, it is requested that, unless imperative, instead of delivering it physically to our offices, any letter or documentation should be sent by email to the following address All usual telematic channels established prior the beginning of this situation continue to be available and the information should be reported as usual. Likewise, the corresponding answers will be given also using telematic channels.

Finally, the AFA will follow the protocols set out by the Government of Andorra at all times. We appreciate the understanding and the collaboration of everyone during this special situation and we strongly recommend the public to follow Government’s advises at all times.

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Source: Autoritat Financera Andorrana