Communication of credits from Assegurances Generals, SA and Carlemany, SA



The Andorran Financial Authority (AFA), acting as Judicial Administrator of Assegurances Generals, SA and Carlemany, SA, both declared in cessation of payments and bankruptcy by Court Order of 26 November 2019, informs the creditors of these companies which have not communicated their claims yet, that on the AFA website, within its Public Virtual Office, a special section to handle the communication of credits has been set up. The form to be filled in and sent for this purpose can be found in this section, as well as the fields to attach the supporting documentation of the credit that is being communicated. Once all this information is sent, the creditor will receive an automatic reply with the acknowledgement of receipt of its credit communication.

Creditors having already communicated their claims by email to will shortly be contacted by the Judicial Administrator in order to acknowledge receipt of their credit communication.

Acces to the Public Virtual Office

Source: Andorran Financial Authority