List of Fees

The fees applicable are specified in Law 10/2013, 23 May, of the Andorran Financial Authority and specifically in the following articles:

Article 28 - Authorisation fee for the creation of a new operating entity in the Andorra financial system

The fee payable is determined by a fixed amount depending on the entity type.

Type of Entity

Creation Fee


34.291 euros

Non-bank Specialised Credit Institutions

11.431 euros

Financial investment companies

13.716 euros

Financial investment agencies

9.144 euros

Asset management companies

6.859 euros

Financial advisers

2.286 euros

Collective Investment Schemes Management Companies

6.859 euros

Payment Institutions

6.684 euros

Electronic Money Institutions

6.684 euros

Article 36 – Andorran Non-bank Specialised Credit Institutions (EFCE) annual supervision fee.

The fee payable is set at a fixed amount of €11,431.

    Article 40 - Fees for the pre-authorisation process and/or registration with the AFA

    The fee payable is determined by a fixed amount in accordance with what is established below:

    Fees concept

    Pre-authorisation and/or registration fee

    Pre-authorisation process

    554 – 110.634 euros

    Registration process

    332 – 55.317 euros