Activities and Services

According to the provisions of Law 7/2013, of May 9, on the legal regime of the operating entities of the Andorran financial system and other provisions that regulate the exercise of financial activities in the Principality of Andorra (Law 7/2013), they are financial entities -not banking- of specialised credit, the entities whose exclusive and legally determined social object consists of one, several or all of the following activities:

  • Loans and credits, including the following:
    • consumer credit,
    • the financing of commercial transactions (including forfaiting), and
    • mortgage credit
  • Factoring, with or without recourse, and the complementary activities of research and classification of the clientele, accounting for debtors and, in general, any other activity that favors the administration, execution, security and financing of credits that are ceded.
  • Financial leasing and the complementary activities of maintenance and conservation of the assigned assets, granting of financing connected to a financial leasing operation, current or future, intermediation and management of financial leasing operations, non-financial leasing (renting) with purchase option, or not, business advice and reports.
  • Issuance and management of credit cards; and
  • Granting of guarantees and other guarantees.