Documentation related to the specific features of the activity of the projected entity

  • The proposed entity’s draft statutes, which must state, in accordance with their regime, when it must take the form of a public limited company.

  • The basic program of activities, which must specify the type of operations that are to be carried out depending on the type of financial system operating entity for which the authorization is requested, as well as the elements that allow the observation of policy orientation, especially if planning to provide services abroad and in what proportions, along with if investment in derivative instruments is planned. For banks in particular, the commercial banking activities and the investment and auxiliary services that are planned to be carried out must be indicated. To this end, all elements that allow observation of the relative importance of commercial banking activities in the overall global activity to be carried out, must be indicated. In the case of Non-bank Specialized Credit Institutions, the activity or activities that make up its corporate purpose must be indicated and in the case of Investment Firms, the investment and auxiliary services that they intend to provide, according to the type of entity for which the authorization is requested. In the case of Collective Investment Schemes Management Companies, it must stipulate the provisions of Law 10/2008, 12th June, on the regulation of collective investment schemes under Andorran law [Llei 10/2008, del 12 de juny, de regulació dels organismes d’inversió col·lectiva de dret andorrà]. In the case of payment or electronic money institutions, a program of activities must be presented that specifically establishes the type of payment services that will be provided among those described in article 2.1 of the Law on payment services and electronic money, and/or the issuance of electronic money [Llei dels serveis de pagament i el diner electrònic, i/o l’emissió de diner electrònic].

  • A specific statement regarding the possible forecast of activities related to the promotion of the economy at country level.

  • A specific statement regarding the prospective provision of activities related to the sponsorship and patronage of educational and cultural activities, with research support, conservation and distribution of cultural and natural heritage and cultural actions, and the sponsorship of sporting activities.

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