Documentation regarding the owners or partners of the entity to be constituted

  • The identity of the individual physical person owner of the entity to be created or the identity of the provisional members of the entity, their nationality and their holdings in the share capital must be provided. In the case of legal persons, the composition of their governing bodies must be indicated along with the annual accounts and audit reports for the last three financial years, and in the case of being part of a group of companies the composition of the group must be indicated along with the aforementioned information referring to the essential governing components and the consolidated annual accounts of the group.
  • Sworn testament affirming that the contributions made by the partners to the entity comply with the requirements established by the legislation on international criminal cooperation and the fight against money or securities laundering resulting from international crime and against the financing of terrorism.
  • Information about the trajectory, professional activity and the patrimonial situation of the individual physical person owner of the entity to be created, or of the partners with shares equal to or greater than 5% of the share capital of the entity to be constituted. In the case of legal persons, this information should refer to the members of their governing bodies.
  • In the case that the applicants do not initially have the totality of the registered capital for the entity to be constituted, information about the mechanisms planned to complete their subscription and the procedure to follow. In particular, applicants must indicate whether they intend to make a public offering of shares to promote a broad shareholder base.
  • The provisional relationship of people who must integrate the first governing body, with information on the career and professional activity of each one of them, as well as all of the necessary documentation to verify compliance with the legal requirements for the exercise of these positions.
  • Code of Conduct in which the framework of operation personnel such as directors, employees and company representatives is expressly foreseen.

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