Further documentation

To opt for the awarding of the authorization, and in order to update and complete the documentation submitted with the request, those applicants who have obtained a favourable notification must provide the following documentation:

  • the final statutes of the entity, together with the notarial deed of constitution of the company;
  • the certification of the registration of the company in the Register of Companies;
  • the final location of the head office and, where appropriate, of the subsidiaries, branches and offices of the entity;
  • updating of the provisional information submitted with the application in accordance with the provisions of the previous article, or confirmation if no variations have occurred, in order to give it a definitive nature;
  • the relationship of the people who integrate the general management, with information on the career and professional activity of each one of them, as well as all the necessary documentation to verify compliance with the legal requirements for the exercise of these positions; and
  • an explicit statement from the person who is expected to preside over the company, by virtue of which he/she becomes aware of the obligations established by current legislation regarding the financial system and, in particular, of the provisions in legislation relating to international criminal cooperation and the fight against money or securities laundering arising from international crime and against the financing of terrorism.

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