Activities and Services

Banks can carry out the following activities:

  • receipt of deposits or other reimbursable funds;
  • loans and credits, including in particular, consumer credit, mortgages, factoring (with or without recourses) and the financing of commercial transactions, including forfaiting;
  • financial leasing (leasing), with or without purchase options;
  • granting of guarantees and warrants;
  • payment transactions;
  • issuance and management of means of payment, among others, credit cards, travellers’ checks and bank checks;
  • transactions for the entities own account or on behalf of clients whose objectives are:
    • money market instruments (checks, drafts, certificates of deposit, etc.),
    • exchange markets,
    • financial futures and options,
    • currency or interest rate instruments,
      marketable securities;
  • participation in the issuance of securities and provision of related services;
  • intermediation in interbank markets;
  • business reports;
  • safety deposit box rental;
  • the investment and auxiliary services related to articles 20 and 21 of Law 7/2013 [Llei 7/2013].

Banks are companies that are dedicated to the reception of deposits and other reimbursable funds, and to the granting of loans of any nature for their own account.