List of Taxes

The rates applicable are specified in Law 10/2013, of  23 May,  of the Andorran National Institute of Finance and specifically in the following chapter:


Chapter five - Taxes for the provision of services in the field of supervision of insurance and reinsurance

Tax concept

Tax rate

Supervision of the insurance activity of resident insurers and reinsurers or delegations of non-resident entities

Variable tax rate, which is the result of applying a rate of 0,9883 per thousand on the base tax rate, which in turn consists of gross premiums issued by the taxpayer

Authorization of commencement of activities of an insurance or reinsurance entity resident in Andorra

11.141 euros

Authorization for the establishment of a non-resident delegation of an insurance or reinsurance entity in the Principality of Andorra

11.141 euros

Authorization or modification of internal guides

2.228 euros

Outsourcing or concentration of functions

334 euros

Portfolio transfer

1.672 euros

Structural modifications

1.672 euros

Adjustments for the calculation of technical provisions

668 euros

Authorization for the reimbursement of equity elements

1.672 euros

Extension or removal of insurance or reinsurance entity activity

5.570 euros

Changes and appointments in senior management

334 euros

Changes in shareholder participation

668 euros

Changes in the appointment of external auditors

334 euros

Issue of certificates

223 euros

Exemption from the publication of an annual report

334 euros

Establishment of control functions within the group

668 euros

Application for the declaration of equivalence

1.672 euros

Application for authorization to implement the simplified scheme

1.114 euros

Application for authorization to initiate the procedure for the dissolution and liquidation of insurance and reinsurance entities

3.343 euros

Registration in the Mediation Registry

558 euros

Tax for the request for authorisation for the application of the simplified supervision regime for delegations in the Principality of Andorra of foreign insurers that meet certain requirements referred to in the Regulation, of 8 May 2019, of development of Law 12/2017 of 22 June, on the organisation and supervision of insurance and reinsurance in the Principality of Andorra.

1.114 euros

Tax for supplementary supervisory for all insurers or reinsurers subject to consolidated supervision by the AFA

5.532 euros

Tax for supplementary supervisory corresponding to the supervision on a consolidated basis for all subsidiaries of insurers and reinsurers being under the supervision of a foreign banking, financial or insurance supervisory authority, in accordance with the following provisions:

  • for each active supervised subsidiary in the insurance and reinsurer sector included in the consolidated supervision
  • for any other supervised subsidiary of an insurer and reinsurer





3.873 euros



3.319 euros