Digital overseer licence application procedure

The Andorran Financial Authority (hereinafter, AFA) is the supervisory authority for the functions performed by digital overseers, in accordance with Law 24/2022, of 30 June, on the digital representation of assets through the use of cryptography and distributed record book technology and Blockchain (hereinafter, Law 24/2022).

The authorisation process for the registration of digital overseers is governed by Decree 478/2022, of 23-11-2022, approving the regulations for the development of requirements to act as a digital overseer, the obligations of the digital overseer and the disciplinary and sanctioning regime, (hereinafter, Regulation 478/2022) and by the specific provisions of Law 24/2022.

Reporting to the AFA

The documentation to be provided with the application must be sent to the AFA through the Virtual Private Office. To carry out this process, applicants wanting to register as a digital overseer must request a user of the Virtual Private Office of the AFA website sending an email to veedors@afa.ad and include the following information:

  • the name of the natural person to be registered as an overseer;
  • the name of the legal person, if applicable, indicating the name of the natural person’s representative; and
  • a corporate email.

Should the professional services be provided by a company, the natural person representing it, who shall have the required professional qualification, must be part of the management body, or must be the director or the manager of the company (in these cases, a certification of appointment is required). Work carried out within the scope of the activity must be managed and signed by this natural person.

The applicant will receive an email notifying him or her of the username and password to access the Virtual Private Office and thus to be able to submit all the information and documentation required in the application process of digital overseer license.

The creation of a user in the Virtual Private Office does not entail the granting of the activity license and cannot be referred to as a favourable resolution by the AFA.

Information clause on the processing of personal data by the Andorran Financial Authority

The AFA will use the data provided when requesting user registration in the Virtual Office. These data will be included in the corresponding AFA records and will be used for the aforementioned purpose. Additional information about their treatment and how to exercise the rights of access, rectification and deletion, among others, is available in the privacy policy . By sending the aforementioned mail, the applicant accepts the terms and conditions of the legal notice.

Documentation to be provided with the application

An excel file for each natural person representing the digital overseer, legal entity, must be completed and submitted to the AFA.

Download Excel

An application form for each natural person representing the digital overseer, legal entity, must be completed and submitted to the AFA.

Download application form

An index of the documentation attached according to the requirements of the license application form to act as a digital provider must be submitted to the AFA.