Any individual or legal person being a client of a financial institution supervised by the Andorran Financial Authority (AFA) and willing to make a complaint related to a supervised entity may submit a complaint to us.

Only clients or legally authorised persons may submit a complaint to the AFA once identity and/or authority to act on behalf of a third party have been duly accredited.


Steps to follow in order to submit a complaint to the AFA

Before filing a complaint to the AFA, the client and/or claimant must have filed the related claim directly to the entity object of the claim.

To submit a complaint or claim in writing directly to the concerned supervised entity, the client/claimant should contact the customer service, the quality department or, otherwise, the General Management of the entity.

If within a month from filing the complaint no reply is received from the entity, you may contact the AFA who, acting as the supervisor of the entity will proceed to analyse your claim.

  • Obtain and fulfil the complaints form
  • Submit to the AFA the complaints form duly fulfilled and signed and attach any additional documents that you consider appropriate.

Submit a complaint

  • You might also hand it personally or send it by post to our offices:

C/ Bonaventura Armengol, 10
Edifici Montclar, bloc 2, 4a planta
AD500 Andorra la Vella
Principat d’Andorra


Important information

Reports issued by the AFA Claims Service are not resolving in relation to contractual responsibilities between the client and the entity, matter which is reserved to the Courts jurisdiction.

If the analysis of the complaint putted forward to the AFA reveals a prudential concern that may go beyond the single customer complaint, the AFA may carry on specific controls under prudential supervision. Steps undertaken by the AFA in the framework of a prudential supervision cannot be shared with clients due to confidentiality.

Will not be admitted any complaint:

  • Seeking a ruling on the abusive nature of a certain contractual clause.
  • Raising controversies about the economic valuation of the damages that may have been caused to financial users.
  • Not refering to specific operations. In this sense, it is not the responsibility of this Department to perform a complete audit of all the movements registered in the clients' accounts and that are reflected in the periodic statements or settlement documents issued by the entities.
  • Whose object was the subject of judicial proceedings or the judicial proceeding is initiated during the processing of the complaint.
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