Credit Verification Procedure



The Andorran Financial Authority (AFA), acting as the judicial administrator of the company Assegurances Generals, SA, declared in cessation of payments and bankruptcy by Order dated 26 November 2019, informs the creditors of this company that, after the expiry of the legal period of 30 working days granted to creditors by the Decree of cessation of payments and bankruptcy dated October 4, 1969, to provide proof of their credit claims, all the claims communicated will be verified in order to draw up the corresponding statement of credit claims and to propose the admission or rejection of each of them.

Upon finalization of claim verifications and their corresponding proposals, the judicial administrator will transfer them to the Court (Batllia), where they will be duly verified by the Court of Judges (Tribunal de Batlles).

All creditors having communicated a claim to the judicial administrator will receive a notification informing them of the admission or rejection of their claim.

Source: Andorran Financial Authority